Who we are

TiA Systems (TiAS) is a Totally integrated Automation Systems specialist, providing the client with the intelligent technology solutions. We provide bespoke automation control system with cost effective solutions to all areas of industry including Baggage and Material Handling system, Building Automation, Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Agricultural, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Factory Automation and Refining Process in Asia Pacific region.

TiAS offers a wide variety of technical services in Automation Control Systems design (PLC based), Electrical System design & installation, PLC & HMI Programming, SCADA Programming, Testing, Commissioning and Project Management.

As TiAS is an independent system integrator, we are committed to deliver the best solution, service excellence and work hard to exceed expectation of ourselves and our customers.

Our people are highly trained and experienced and are encouraged to continually update their skills to ensure we are always improving our support service and meeting the needs of our customers.

Industrial Automation Services

  • PLC Programming

    Having extensive experience of PLC programming and using proper PLC programming language according to IEC 61131-3

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  • HMI/SCADA Programming

    User-friendly and intuitive. Using standard features of the underlying system to ensure that the system is maintainable and scalable well into the future

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  • Panel Design & Fabrication

    Sensible features design for ease of maintenance and ease of expansion for additional I/O points, Power supplies, Relays and Other components

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  • Communication & Networking

    Using industry best practices and proven reference architectures to establish local and geographically distributed data transmission networks

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  • Electrical Design & Instrumentation

    Design and install electrical/Instrument systems in compliance with the latest International electrical standard

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  • Project Management & Consultancy

    As specialists in the industry we can provide guidance and consultancy services to get the projects to be specifically designed for the unique needs of each client

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  • Testing & Commissioning

    Offers comprehensive services with commissioning quality plan to help clients solve complex problems, hands-on troubleshooting, evaluate design options, and implement creative solutions

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  • Maintenance and Support

    To ensure your business remains continuously operational, our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7

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